• Optional Removable Base
  • Next Generation Grow Pot Technology
  • Sturdy, U/V Protected, Thermo Molded Pots with Wrap Around Side to Base Drain Holes
  • Clean and Fast Transplanting
  • Maximize Root Space 
  • No Root Shock or Damage
  • Superior Drainage of Excess Water
  • Low Cost Risk Management
  • Saves Time
  • Re-usable


Used as a starter pot, when it is time to transplant, speed up the process by just pulling the seal at the bottom of your pot then simply stack it on another pot of the same size, greater or the ground outside. The roots will naturally continue down and outward to fill the new space with minimum to zero acclimation period.

Perfect for seeds or clones, and can be used with another grow container of any volume to obtain the desired size of plant, all by allowing you to increase the roots area to cultivate with the pull of a tab. When your plant outgrows the current size you can increase the root area quick, clean and efficiently with no shock or damage to the plant consistently.

Rapid Stack is the next generation in grow pot technology. Specifically designed for growers that constantly transplant multiple plants at a time. This product is guaranteed to speed the process and reduce shock by damage or light, ensuring no delays or diminished yields.

Grams, Quality and Costs Matter!
Growers will spend money on premium soil, nutrients, lights, fans, dehumidifiers etc... but often use a generic plastic container that requires at some point their plant to be transplanted by hand. The process is tedious, messy and often damaging to the plant. The problems of transplanting are solved with Rapid Stack.

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We are focused on providing a product of the highest quality that can meet and surpass the standards of any growers needs. Also we have started research into Bio Plastic from Hemp, Fabric with re attachable velcro and Bamboo fibre for the future of our products and planet. 

Don’t Forget to Recycle.

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